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Apply as an officer for the board term 2022-2023!

Do you want unforgettable experiences from your study years? To be part of a supportive and engaging group of people? To help organize INTOs next year, learn hands on useful skills through association work and most importantly be part of why we have one of the most engaging international communities here in Tampere?

We want you as an officer for the study year 2022-2023! As an officer you will take part in INTO’s Board, attend board meetings, work with 20+ other like minded individuals and complete the responsibilities of the role you have been assigned to. You will have less responsibility than the board members, so becoming an officer is a perfect starting point for those who have not had previous organizational experience. We will provide an opportunity for you to leave your own mark plus take on responsibilities, but also you will be trained to your role properly. What is most important is being interested in your role, the rest will come naturally!

We will be handling the applications in “waves”, meaning we will collect applications for a certain time period, interview those applicants and after that open an application for the remaining positions that are still unfilled. The first wave of applications is open until midnight 3.7. You can find the application form here:

In the application you can apply for multiple different roles, You can find the list of officer roles with short descriptions below. For additional info, you can find our board and officer introductions from last year at:

Further information on Officer positions can be found HERE