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Hervantajärvi Beach Party 26.08.2021

Last week we had a beach party at Hervantajärvi for all the new international students that have arrived here in Tampere, as well as their great tutors. Thanks to coordination between the guilds, we had a large variety of people from all different studies. Due to the large space, it was possible to ensure that the event was Corona safe with everyone spread out.

To make sure everyone was nice and relaxed and ready for the upcoming festivities, our lovely Lauri led us into tranquillity and serenity with his drinking yoga. With his own bespoke yoga poses which made sure everyone was well and truly stretched out.

Following this we had a tournament consisting of around thirty teams competing in the skilful sport of beer pong. Thanks to the drinking yoga, our athletes were in the zone with a competitive fire raging amongst them. Though as the great 1986 movie Highlander states “there can be only one”, and by the end we had that final pair rise above the rest and earn that well-deserved bottle of skumppa.

Whilst the duelling of ping pong balls was raging on one side of the area, both meat and vegan sausages were being grilled to ensure that our attendees’ bellies were full. With our master chef Aarni roasting, and only sometimes slightly cremating them over the fire. Considering it was thought we perhaps bought too few sausages, we were clearly mistaken as we ran out of over a hundred sausages in no time.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did, and that you were able to get your first experience of student culture here in Hervanta.

Thanks from us to you.

Welcome to Hervanta!

It is that time of year again when new fuksis arrive at Tampere University’s Hervanta Campus to begin their engineering studies, and we would live to welcome all of you. You have chosen a great place to study, and hopefully you enjoyed you Welcome Week.

Just remember, although we are all here to study, it is important to take a break once in a while and relax, and why not use that time to come to our Clubroom, or attend one of the many events we will have this semester. To keep up to date with events we have our Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and newsletter for our members. If you aren’t signed up as a member yet just hop on over to and fill in the membership form.

Have a great semester, all the best with your studies, and we hope to see you!
~INTO Board

INTO’s 14th Anniversary

We all know what’s happening – corona virus of course! But you know what is also happening???? INTO anniversary ONLINE!!!! Hype. Click below to learn more.

It’s time to celebrate 14 years of ESN INTO!

Have you been lamenting the lack of sitsit due to covid? Then come join ESN INTO for a remote anniversary sitsit over zoom on the 13th of March starting at 18:00. 

We have food and drinks all wrapped up in a neat bow to fulfill all your needs, with the price of 18€ (if you can’t pick up a package or don’t want one participation is free). 

The theme of this sitsit is masquerade, as we all know that masks are very important in these times. The dress code is smart casual top.

You can find the sign up link in your email (soon). Sign-up closes on 28.02

  • WHAT – ESN INTO Masquerade anniversary
  • WHERE – Zoom 
  • WHEN – Saturday the 13th of March, 18:00 local time