Connecting International Finns and Finnish Internationals

The Guild

INTO, established in 2007, is the International Teekkari Guild of Tampere University, Hervanta Campus and its purpose is to bring international students and Finns closer together. The club does this by organising events and providing information and services that support this idea of integration.

As an INTO member you will find new friends and contacts that will enable you to become more familiar with international minded people here in Tampere. It will be a door opener for you to some truly unbelievable experiences. So don’t hesitate and get your INTO membership.

Guild Room

Our guild room is located in the basement of Päärakkennus PC001D1.

Directions on how to get there: Go to Päärakkennus (the main building of Hervanta Campus). Go towards the Info Desk, and take stairs behind the green door OR the elevator down to the basement level (K). From there walk down the hallway until you reach a green double-winged door and then straight ahead to the room with the wonderfully green wall.

Guild Room Hours

This is when there will be someone available at the clubroom if you ever need something or want to come and hang out. Note that there are often people at the guild room outside of these hours. Directions to the guild room can be found above.

13:00IbtehazKimiya (FC)Teemu
14:00Jenni (FC)Ali (FC) & AnniNikoDaniel
15:00TittaAli (FC) & AnniAadeshTuomoChristopher
(FC) = Fuksi Captain