Connecting International Finns and Finnish Internationals

Exchange Students

Welcome to Tampere, your new home for the next few months.

INTO’s Fuksi Team is here to ensure the comfort and happiness of the international exchange students, and allow them to have the best time of their life!

To make all of that possible, INTO’s Fuksi Team, composed by two Fuksi Captain and a Teekkari Culture Responsible (TCR), organises many fun events throughout the year, to not only make the best out of the new students’ exchange, but also to get to know the Finnish culture!

The Fuksi Team can be contacted at any time for questions, doubts, feedback, or even if you feel bored and want to reach out. For that, you can simply send us an email to and we’ll gladly respond!

All of us at INTO can’t wait to have all you new exchange students here, studying at Tampere University. It is our aim to ensure that you have the best time possible during your exchange studies, and to help introduce you to both Finnish culture but also student culture, one of the unique at exciting things about studying in Finland.

So, what is INTO?

We are a group of international degree students, internationally minded Finns, peppered with previous exchange students who decided to return because we enjoyed it so much here. INTO’s official name is “International Teekkari Guild INTO Tampere ry” which likely sounds strange from an outside perspective. In short, a teekkari is a technical student or engineer, anyone that studies in a field of engineering or architecture at Hervanta campus and a guild is what the subject associations are called at the Hervanta campus, with INTO being an exception as we are not responsible for a specific subject. The word INTO itself is Finnish and means “passion” or “zeal”, and we have plenty of that for what we do which is advocating for internationality and helping international students however we can.

Our communication channels

To make sure you keep up-to-date with all our latest news and events you can check out these different places. For general announcements and chatting we recommend our Telegram groups, and if you’re looking for information or pictures from past events we have our website. We also recommend that you become a member, and you will receive our weekly newsletter.

Welcome Week Schedule

20.08. 16:00-22:00 Fuksi headstart

Monday morning is a rough time to start your exchange studies, so why not take a headstart from previous evening? Come meet your tutors along with your fellow exchange students at the front lawn of Hervanta campus, and get to know the people that you’ll most likely see through the whole semester.

21.08. 18:00-22:00 Picnic+Pub Quiz

First day usually contains the largest info dump and is mentally tiring, so why not conclude it with a chill hangout? Test your trivia knowledge with our casual pub quiz while you enjoy outdoors and snacks.

22.08. 15:30-17:00 Welcome to Finland

Finland 101 presentation with all the essential info that you’ll need during your stay, along with some fun facts.

23.08. 16:00-00:00 Pub crawl by FINT

You do a speedrun of getting a drink from (nearly)every pub in the city. ‘Nuff said.
TEK info session: Visit the TEK lounge with your tutor group to learn about everyone’s favorite union of academic engineers and architects in Finland.

24.08. 18:00-21:00 Campus scavenger hunt

Best way to learn your way around campus is to navigate through a number of checkpoints held by various INTO members and complete various fun tasks where you’ll challenge, strategize, and bribe your way through them.

25.08. 18:00-22:00 Sporty and non-sporty activities

Team up with Bioner members to join various activities ranging from boffering(padded swordfighting) and kyykkä(traditional teekkari sport) to a teekkari quiz that will test and advance your knowledge of Finnish technical student culture.

26.08. 18:00-22:00 Hervantajärvi beach party

Enjoy one of the last weekends of summer weather at the beach of Hervanta lake in this party that INTO organizes jointly with other two international guilds: TaSciEn and Urbanum.

Starter Kits

INTO offers a lending service for household equipment for all international students at Hervanta campus. Our service is mainly reserved for students studying at Hervanta campus, if you are studying at the centre campus you should check out the starting kit service by ESN FINT! There are two different sets that can be borrowed, as well as some extra items.

A small service fee is charged for the starting kits (5 €), an addition to the deposit (20 €). The deposit is returned to the student completely once the items are returned in their initial condition (clean and dry). When returning the kit, we will inspect the set and deduct money from the deposit if necessary. Utensils borrowing and returning sessions are organised usually at the beginning and the end of each semester. The dates are announced via the guild’s official communication channels, but usually also Facebook. The sets are given out on a first-come-first-serve system. For more info head over to our website page

How to become a member

When arriving in Finland you will have the possibility to become a member during the Welcome Week and during our office hours. To become a member, fill up the sign up form and pay the fee to the guildroom during office hours or you can pay online via Kide App. The membership fee is 5 Euros and you just have to register with your email (requires the one).With that email you will automatically join the INTO list. Membership is for your entire study lifetime, so if you decide to come back to study at our lovely university, there is no need to pay again.

Benefits for INTO Members

  • INTO email list where INTO events are announced and work related information distributed
  • Access and discounts to INTO Events such as Stockholm Cruise, Cottage Weekends, TimeTravels’ trips to Lapland, Norway, and the Baltics.
  • Participation in organised company excursions
  • Possibility to organise your own event, the guild will support you.

More info can be found here.

Our Trips

Lofoten trip 22.-28.9.23

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the nature, far above the Arctic circle, then Lofoten is the place to visit! Wild Norwegian landscape with majestic mountains and picturesque fjords offers a perfect setting for an adventure trip. The land of rich Viking history, colourful fishing villages, and breathtaking sceneries is waiting for you!

What kind of experience to expect? 

  • Lofoten is often described as the most beautiful part of Norway 
  • See the most majestic peaks and deepest fjords in Norway
  • Stay in a cozy log cabin on the slope of the mountain 
  • Take a hike in the wild nature and enjoy the amazing views
  • See the most iconic places around Lofoten on a whole day bus tour
  • Go on a kayaking adventure
  • Swim in the Arctic ocean 

Baltics trip 11.-15.10.23

Join us for the ultimate Baltic Adventure – visit the 3 Baltic capitals in just one long weekend trip! In every city we offer guided tours that will help you discover all the hidden gems, plus some extra activities to dive deeper into the local culture, and of course, free time to roam around and feel like a local!

Lapland trip to Kilpisjärvi 26.11.-1.12.23

The village of Kilpisjärvi is located in the northwest extremity of Finnish Lapland, bordered by Norway, Sweden, Kilpisjärvi lake and the majestic Saana fell, sacred to the Sami people. Here you can find the untouched nature, coldest temperatures, and highest snow levels in Finland, as well as the highest Northern light visibility! In addition to a variety of winter and nature activities, you can also make a day trip to Tromsø, Norway, and see the spectacular fjords!