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Halloween Hunt 2022

H01 – Summoning circles have appeared on campus. Find one and start your quest!
H02 – Cleansing, wisdom, healing… Crystals can do it all!
H03 – Witnesses say the witches arrived on the mythical Knight Bus.
H04 – The crossroads are a good place for brewing potions. The stench of the regulars covers the smells quite well.
H05 – Silence! Reading the future from cards and bones is no easy task!
H06 – Rumors say a ritual was conducted underground, in a deserted hallway.
H07 – These creatures need to satisfy their sadistic needs. Drilling noises and screaming teekkaris should do it.
H08 – A murder is watching you from above.
H09 – Nifty web developers have made their home on campus. Perhaps in a dark corner under some stairs.
H10 – This witch makes concoctions of all sorts. Find them and they might give you one. The cats could help with with this.
H11 – This witch sees everything. Even your future! Ask their avian friends and you may find them.
H12 – Seems like this witch is everywhere and nowhere at once. The spiders must know something!

As the witching hour of Samhain draws near, a coven of witches hath arrived in Hervanta. Beware at night, for around the Campus they have left some items of arcane delight.
Do you dare hunt down this trio of enchantresses and discover the mysteries that lie behind the veil?

From the 24th day until the 30th day, follow the breadcrumbs and pursue these mysterious mages to solve the puzzling enigmas that surround Hervanta.

You may seek them as a group of as many as four or perhaps you are a lone wolf and wish to obtain all the glory for yourself. All those who discover five items of the occult will be awarded with a badge of merit to sew on to their clothing, and even some prizes for the best witch hunters!

What: INTO Halloween Hunt
How: Find items throughout the campus by following the clues that will be provided via Facebook (, Instagram (, and Website (
Where: Hervanta Campus
When: 24.-30.10.2022
How much: Free

Extra details:
Group size 1-4
Find at least 5 checkpoints for patch
All checkpoints will be located in places student have access