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INTOs Board is a fun bunch of people that consists of ~9 board members and ~25 officers. Every year around April-May we open the call for the Board and Officers for the next board term.

Want to volunteer to improve the international Teekkari community on the campus? Perhaps get new friends and to be able to develop your skills in a low pressure environment? Have some talent that you want to put to good use? INTOs Board is the place for you to be!

Below you will find information on the structure of INTO, what it means to be on the board, descriptions of the different roles and instructions on how to apply!

▼ Get to know INTO: Structure of the board and should you apply?
▼ Apply as an Officer for the term 2023-2024!

Do you want unforgettable experiences from your study years? To be part of a supportive and engaging group of people? To help organize INTOs next year, learn hands on useful skills through association work and most importantly be part of why we have one of the most engaging international communities here in Tampere?

We want you as an officer for the study year 2023-2024! As an officer you will take part in INTOs Board, attend board meetings, work with 30+ other like minded individuals and complete the responsibilities of the role you have been assigned to. You will have less responsibility than the board members, so becoming an officer is a perfect starting point for those who have not had previous organizational experience. We will provide an opportunity for you to leave your own mark plus take on responsibilities, but also you will be trained to your role properly. What is most important is being interested in your role, the rest will come naturally!

We will be handling the applications in “waves”, where we gather applications for a calendar month at a time and interview all the applicants in the first meeting of the following month. Thus if you apply in September for example, you would be interviewed in October. The Exception for this is the Exchange Student Officer role, which has a different application period.

In the application you can apply for multiple different roles, You can find the list of officer roles with short descriptions below.

▼ Officer roles

Alumni Responsible
Looking to network with those already in the working life? In this new role you’ll be tasked with forming an alumni database for INTO, coordinating activities and providing ways for INTO to be in touch with its alumni.

Corporate Relations Officer
As a corporate officer you will be working alongside our head of corporate relations in organizing the overalls project, working alongside timetravels for our trips to lapland and other countries, and trying to figure out how to get more money for INTO. Practice your corporate skills and be initiative!

Cottage Weekend Responsible
A more specific events officer role, where you’ll be the main responsible for the two cottage weekends, one each semester. The cottage weekend requires organizing logistics, buses and a full three day schedule. Here initiative is required, but as a reward you’ll get to organize one of the best INTO events there is.

Esports Officer
Want to do LAN parties? Organize gaming nights at Nokia arena or a gaming cafe? To run INTOs discord server? In this role you’ll get to connect our members who share a love for video games plus to organize cool events.

Events Officer
Do you like organizing things and making people smile? Events officer is one of the more visible roles where you can leave your handprint in the way events are organized. Sitsit, international food party, kyykkä, hikes, etc. you name it.

Finnish Culture Officer
Want to interact with internationals and familiarize them with Finnish culture? As the Finnish culture officer you’ll organize museum and theater visits and be the responsible for Cafe Suomi – a weekly get-together where internationals can practice their Finnish skills.

Fuksi Captain
Did you enjoy your time as a tutor? Want to do something more? As the Fuksi Captain you will be one of a three-preson team responsible of organizing INTOs tutor call, fuksi events, two welcome weeks and so on. A really rewarding role, with a lot of responsibility.

Graphics Designer
Like to draw or do you want to put your graphic design skills to use? Be part of creating the visual identity for INTO and put your own twist to event banners and announcements. Your first project will be the naamaläsy, a goofy introduction poster to the new board and officers, get creative!

Guild Contact Person
Love collaborating with other guilds? Bring Finns and Internationals together? As the Guild Contact Person, you’ll help connect the Guilds to their exchange students, and international students to their Guilds.

Host’s Helper
Love spending time on the campus? Are saunas your thing? As a host helper you’ll be one of the three people looking after the clubroom, making sure that the fridge is full and organizing the welcome and farewell saunas.

INTOzine Editor
As the INTOzine editor, you’ll jump in the shoes of a campus news reporter. You’ll lead a team to publish INTOs magazine INTOzine, that will be printed and shared across the campus. Use your writing skills to leave a more permanent record of the day to day at INTO, or other fun stuff happening around the campus!

IT Officer
Want to develop INTOs online presence, or to do fun projects and gizmos in the Guildroom? Look after INTOs existing IT stuff and create your own fun projects at the clubroom or in the cloud.

Newsletter Responsible
Like keeping up with what’s happening and do you put everything that happens on your calendar? You’ll be part of the social media team and responsible for INTOs weekly newsletter.

A fairly self describing role. Take photos at events, organize a photoshoot for B&O so that we can get photos on our website, get creative!

Social Media Responsible
Are you a fiend for likes and a want to be an influencer? You’ll be responsible of INTOs Instagram and Facebook accounts and how INTO presents itself in social media. Post about what’s happening, do feel-good posts from events and any fun projects that you can come up with!

As the songmaster you’ll be developing the international song culture on the campus, be in touch with the Teekkari Museum and be the know-all of student culture. You’ll help out with creating songbooks for sitsis and be responsible for rules and songs at the sitsis themselves.

Sports’ Officer
As one of the two sports officers, you’ll be organizing sports tryouts and coming up with different sports activities over the year. Would you like to organize hockey or ice skating, maybe disc golf? This role will look the way you want.

Symposium Officer
As a Symposium officer, You’ll be part of the Symposium team. Collaborate with ESN FINT and bring the best party in town each month! You’l get to learn the ins and outs of organizing big events, plus to put your creative twist to the parties!

Symposium Responsible
As the Symposium Responsible, you’ll be leading the Symposium team alongside a responsible from ESN FINT. Learn leadership skills and take charge of the monthly Symposium nightclub party!

Treasurers’ Assistant
Do you have a love for accounting and paperwork? Want to contribute to INTO being a well oiled machine? As treasurers’ assistant, your role will be working alongside our treasurer, filing refunds, ordering patches and everything money.

TEK Responsible
A bonus role that will be in addition to your main officer role. Be in contact with TEK, get sponsorships for events and partake in different TEK activities with the other guilds’ TEK responsibles.

Other role
Do you have something in mind that you think INTO needs? Would you like to do a personal project for INTO, something else? We are always happy to receive new fresh ideas and want to support new initiatives. Write the description yourself and tell us more!

▼ Apply for the Board for the term 2023-2024! (Applications Closed)

It’s been a blast of a year with a lot of amazing things that have happened. But as all good things in life, it is nearing the end of the Board term 2022-23 and thus it is time to select the next Board of INTO to sail the ship further to the future!
The board term starts on the 01.06.2023 and ends on 31.05.2024. To be eligible for the Board, you need to have a student status at the university at the time of the general meeting. You are expected to be available for the whole duration of the board term. Graduating during the term is okay.

The plan is to elect the board using a method called the “Former of the Board”. In this the Former of the Board applicants, (can be anyone, but usually the chairperson applicants) interview all the other applicants and bring forth their proposal of the composition of the board. Thus in the general meeting, first the Former of the Board is voted on, then the proposal for the Executive board is voted on.

The timeline for the Board call is as follows:23.03. Board Call opens
04.04. All the applications so far are published to the members
04.-09.04. The Former of the Board applicants interview other applicants
10.04. The board proposals of the Formers of the Board are published
11.04. The new board is chosen in the General Meeting.

Board applicant: To be able to equally partake in the interview process, submit your application through the form at the latest 03.04.! Late applications are possible and it is possible to apply even in the general meeting itself, but you won’t be guaranteed the same visibility as other applicants. We will publish late applications to the best of our ability.

Former of the Board applicant: You will be given instructions on the interview process closer to the application deadline. You have a responsibility to treat all the applicants equally and you will be questioned on your interview process in the general meeting.

For any questions regarding the application process, you can contact @lauriahlqvist on telegram, or send an email to

▼ Board positions

The chairperson is the one to lead the Guild, call together meetings and is one of the representative faces of the organization. As the chairperson you’ll get to learn people management, leadership skills and the back-end of how an organization works. You’ll get to set the tone for the year, pitch your goals in the General Meeting and see those through. A good chairperson has the big picture view and interests of the guild as their goal, enables the board and has their wellbeing as a priority, but also is the one to put their foot down, if needed. 

Events Coordinator
The Events Coordinator is the one who calls up the events team for a meeting, tasks out responsibilities, plans out INTOs event calendar and makes sure that events happen smoothly. You’ll get to take responsibility, learn team leading skills, partake and learn through organizing a variety of different events. Sports, sitsis, international food party, you name it and the events coordinator is involved in one way or another. A good Events coordinator knows how to manage their time, learns planning skills and how to delegate tasks to a team of enthusiastic event organizers.

Head of Communications
The Head of Communications is behind everything how INTO is visible to the world and social media. You’ll get to learn how a 500+ member organization communicates to its members, how to plan out and be intentional on social media posts and people skills through managing our social media team. You’ll be familiarized with Instagram, Telegram, Newsletters, Youtube, Publishing a magazine and more. You’ll learn how to make a social media plan, of visual identity and how to maximize the influence of each post we send out.

Head of Corporate relations
The Head of Corporate relations is behind most sponsorship deals, XQ:s and the trips to Lofoten, Lapland and more! You’ll get to learn how to make contracts, network and useful job skills, whilst leading our corporate team. Plan out the schedule of INTOs trips, gather sponsors and organize the overalls project, do excursions to other cities and help international students in their search for job opportunities in Finland. Learn to schedule yourself, get comfortable with meetings and putting yourself out there and network with the companies in the Tampere region.

The Host is the one behind our many sauna events, coordinating the many moving parts with a team of three. The host is a down to earth role, looking after the guildroom, making sure our fridge is stocked with goodies and managing our storage. If you find beauty,in a calm night drive to return pantti at 3am after a successful sauna event, this position is for you! You’ll get to learn how to organize sauna events, inventory management and team leading skills. Expect chill hanging out at the guildroom, getting to know our exchange students whilst refilling the coffee grounds and stocking the fridge.

The secretary is the one making sure meeting minutes are well kept, managing our membership database and answering emails. This important role will have you working closely with the chairperson and learning of the back end of the guild. You’ll learn administrative skills, data management and through attending most meetings, will be on top of everything that happens within the guild. Outside of the meetings, the role is really flexible and you’ll have time to partake in other things happening within the guild.

Starter kit Responsible
The Starter kit Responsible is one of the first board members that most exchange students meet. You’ll get to manage the important service of starter kits, where exchange students get to rent out either a kitchen or bedroom kit so that they don’t need to buy new during their stay. As the Starter kit Responsible, you’ll learn inventory management and upkeep, how to run a fairly large scale rental service and scheduling sessions to make sure everything runs smoothly. The role will have the most work at the start and end of the semester, giving you ample time to attend the guilds other activities in between.

Symposium Responsible
The Symposium Responsible throws together the largest international party each month. Collaborate with ESN Fint and Lola Club and run a team of enthusiastic organizers to give our members the best parties of their studies. Learn how to run the engine, that is organizing a party each month, learn how to collaborate with nightclubs and what goes to making sure a party is fun and smooth for attendees. A good person for the role learns how to schedule themselves months in advance, learns to call meetings, learns to delegate tasks and gets to have fun whilst doing it!

Teekkari Culture Responsible
The Teekkari Culture Responsible leads the fuksi team responsible for INTOs 50+ tutors and 100+ exchange students each semester. As the TCR you’ll get to learn planning and scheduling through the welcome week, how to train and look after teams of tutors, event organizing through our many fuksi events, plus leadership and presentation skills through being the face of INTO to our exchange students. Along the two fuksi captains, take your fuksis through the welcome week, get them to learn about teekkari culture, watch proudly as they put on their overalls and build their härwelis and to cap it off, celebrate wappu with them through the Teekkari dipping. 

The Treasurer is the cornerstone of any well functioning organization. Responsible for managing the finances of INTO, as the Treasurer you’ll learn accounting skills, budgeting, billing and how to plan the yearly finances of a large guild. As part of the administrative back end, you’ll work closely with the chairperson to make sure everything runs smoothly and the bills and refunds are paid in time. This position has you involved in how an organization works and by the end you’ll have a big picture understanding and the competence to tackle most organizational tasks you might take on in the future.

▼ How does the Former of the Board work?