Connecting International Finns and Finnish Internationals

Join the Board

INTO recruits officers to our board throughout the year, below are examples of the sort of positions we look to fill, and if you have an idea not listed below we are always happy to hear new ideas. If you’re interested press the “Apply Here” button below.

Officer roles:

Treasurers’ Assistant
Do you have a love for accounting and paperwork? Want to contribute to INTO being a well oiled machine? As treasurers’ assistant, your role will be working alongside our treasurer, filing refunds, ordering patches and everything money.

Host’s Helper
Love spending time on the campus? Are saunas your thing? As a host helper you’ll be one of the three people looking after the clubroom, making sure that the fridge is full and organizing the welcome and farewell saunas.

Events Officer
Do you like organizing things and making people smile? Events officer is one of the more visible roles where you can leave your handprint in the way events are organized. Sitsit, international food party, kyykkä, hikes, etc. you name it.

Cottage Weekend Responsible
A more specific events officer role, where you’ll be the main responsible for the two cottage weekends, one each semester. The cottage weekend requires organizing logistics, buses and a full three day schedule. Here initiative is required, but as a reward you’ll get to organize one of the best INTO events there is.

Sports’ Officer
As one of the two sports officers, you’ll be organizing sports tryouts, floorball turns and coming up with different sports activities over the year. Would you like to organize hockey or ice skating, maybe frisbeegolf? This role will look the way you want.

Finnish Culture Officer
Want to interact with internationals and familiarize them with finnish culture? As the finnish culture officer you’ll be organizing cafe suomi – a weekly get-together where internationals can practice their finnish skills. In addition you can organize finnish movie nights, museum visits etc. A very flexible role.

A fairly self describing role. Take photos at events, organize a photoshoot for B&O so that we can get photos on our website, get creative!

Corporate Officer
As a corporate officer you will be working alongside our head of corporate relations in organizing the overalls project, working alongside timetravels for our trips to lapland and other countries, and trying to figure out how to get more money for INTO. Practice your corporate skills and be initiative!

Newsletter Responsible
Like keeping up with what’s happening and do you put everything that happens on your calendar? You’ll be part of the social media team and responsible for INTOs weekly newsletter.

Social Media Responsible
Are you a fiend for likes and a want to be an influencer? You’ll be responsible of INTOs Instagram and Facebook accounts and how INTO presents itself in social media. Post about what’s happening, do feel-good posts from events and any fun projects that you can come up with!

Graphics Officer
Like to draw or do you want to put your graphic design skills to use? Be part of creating the visual identity for INTO and put your own twist to event banners and announcements. Your first project will be the naamaläsy, a goofy introduction poster to the new board and officers, get creative!

INTOzine Editor
INTO has had a magazine called INTOzine in the past. This role would be reviving that project, either creating and publishing a student magazine, or converting the role to a blog or another type of medium. Use your writing skills to leave a more permanent record of the day to day at INTO, or other fun stuff happening around the campus!

IT Officer
Want to develop INTOs website, create a door sensor telegram bot so that people will know when our clubroom is open? Look after INTOs existing IT stuff and create your own fun projects at the clubroom or in the cloud.

TEK Responsible
A bonus role that will be in addition to your main officer role. Be in contact with TEK, get sponsorships for events and partake in different TEK activities with the other guilds’ TEK responsibles.

A bonus role that will be in addition to your main officer role. As a songmaster you’ll be developing the international song culture on the campus, help out with creating songbooks for sitsis and be responsible for rules and songs at the sitsis themselves.

Other role
Do you have something in mind that you think INTO needs? Would you like to do a personal project for INTO, something else? We are always happy to receive new fresh ideas and want to support new initiatives. Write the description yourself and tell us more!