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Scoville Challenge 28.11.2021

Created in collaboration with Hiukkanen and TaSciEn, the Scoville challenge proved itself to be one of the hottest events of the semester with sauces ranging from mildest of sauces, to a whopping 2,000,000 scoville units! Each participant who signed up had to complete a gauntlet of ten hot wings, each being spicier than the one before until they reached the ultimate Mystery Sauce created in the bowels of hell to challenge even the bravest of warriors. 95% of these brave warriors managed to complete the challenge, earning themselves the grand title of Scoville Ville, a mark of honour amongst the capsaicin connoisseurs of Tampere university, and also earning themselves a flaming hot wing patch as a medal of respect which can be stacked up through participation in future completions of the Scoville Challenge.

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